About me

My name is Nazar Kalinowski and I usually go by the nicknames GWM and nazark.
I study various topics in CS/IT such as: software engineering, systems administration and cyber security.
FOSS, Privacy & Anonymity on the internet and the essential right to freedom of speech are very important to me, and are the topics that I like to write about on my website.
My specialization is the JVM ecosystem and in particular the two languages on this platform: Java and Scala.
Other interests of mine include learning Functional Programming and different programming languages (in particular right now I am interested in Haskell and Rust)
I use FOSS whenever possible, as well as maintain and contribute to it in my free time.

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Personal projects (aka portfolio) and contributions to FOSS projects

[MAINTAINER] GWMDEV (this website)

This website.
It is written in HTML and CSS only, without using any JS code.
It does not contain any trackers and whatsoever.
Its design is in part inspired by MFW, BMFW and EBMFW.

Technology stack:

There is no public Git repository for this project, but feel free to manually copy/download any part of this website and use it according to the license.

[MAINTAINER] GWMCrates (and a few more minecraft plugins with related projects)

I have discovered programming in my childhood while playing Minecraft.
GWMCrates (which has been renamed as well as completely rewritten a few times and moved to a new platform) was one of my first programs.
Even though I rarely play Minecraft now, developing this plugin (and a few others) is still fun for me.

[CONTRIBUTOR] KDE (Plasma (Desktop Environment)/Frameworks/Applications)

KDE is a huge project which consists of the KDE Plasma, KDE Frameworks and KDE Applications.
KDE Plasma is my favourite Desktop Environment.
KDE Applications have some of the best applications for daily use (e.g. a file manager (Dolphin), a terminal emulator (Konsole), a text editor (Kate) and many more).

Technology stack:

My profile on KDE's GitLab instance

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2019 First Certificate in English (FCE) Score: 178
Grade: B

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